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11 juin 2008


Dear Angèle Paoli,

I just noticed with deep respect towards your superb website/blog that you posted one photograph of "ma poupée japonaise". Merci beaucoup ! I am very happy that you like it, especially in the context of Kawabata Yasunari.

I am really overwhelmed about your detailed research and list-ups on literature. Really amazing.

About 18 years ago I published a book on Japanese contemporary literature, called Momentaufnahmen moderner japanischer Literatur (Berlin).

I am actually living and working in Tokyo and Berlin, but my mother is Italian.

Je peux lire un peu le francais, mais j'ai beaucoup oublié...

Again, thx for your taste,
greetings from Tokyo to Corsica

Mario A. (Mario Ambrosius)

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